Crannog - lake dwelling

At Craggaunowen you gain a fascinating insight into how the Celts made their homes on a Crannog.

Crannogs were found in Ireland during the Iron Age and early Christian periods. Though some homesteads were inhabited during the Late Bronze Age and in some cases were still being occupied as late as the 17th century.

The crannog at Craggaunowen is simply a wondrous sight but perhaps what is even more fascinating to visitors is the round houses which stand on these artificially constructed islands.

These structures were built out of wood and mud with conical thatched roofs and wattle walls and generally were accessed through a single entrance, which extended out from the main structure via a porch-style chamber.

This design feature provided a degree of insulation between the main living space and the worst of any cold wind and rain, with usually only sheets/animal hides used to serve as a front door.
The central living area was a single room with various uses, including sleeping, cooking, craftwork and storage.