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The Living Past Tour

Welcome to Craggaunowen – the Living Past Experience, Ireland’s original award winning pre-historic park. Come and trace the roots of the people, homesteads, animals and artifacts of our Celtic ancestors of over 1,000 years ago which have touched and shaped how we live today.

€7.50 per student
Allow 2 hours for your visit


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Living History Experience

Children are transported through time to see how Irish people lived in past times.

This hands on workshop is fun, informative, immersive and curriculum enhancing.
Groups can do any two of the following activities:

  • Wattle and Daub – This ancient building method involves students building a wall of wooden strips called wattle and a composite of mud and clay called daub. Children love this hands on activity.

  • Spinning and Weaving – Students learn about the ancient skill of spinning using the wool from the Soay sheep which live in Craggaunowen. Groups also weave their own wrist band to take home as a souvenir.

  • Warrior face paint – Ancient warriors used blue paint on their faces before heading into war. Children have their faces painted and hear the stories of the ancient warriors of Ireland in the process.

  • *Tribal Drumming – This fun and interactive workshop focuses on the effect ancient music has on us. Groups sit together and play percussive instruments while learning about different rhythms and how they have inspired us for generations.

  • *Pottery

  • *Archery

€12 per student
*€20 for these activities -advance booking required
Duration 3 Hours

New for 2022!!

Craggaunowen in Schools is a new programme designed to compliment your SESE curriculum and bring an immersive learning experience directly into your classroom followed by a visit to Craggaunowens Living History Experience.

Our Craggaunowen experts will visit your class for a half day of workshops on life in ancient Ireland. These fun and interactive visits will introduce your class to Irish history through the skills and crafts displayed in Craggaunowen. Learn Ogham, experience a Celtic Court, learn how to spin and weave all while hearing stories of ancient Ireland. Following this on a separate date your class will visit Craggaunowen for another half day of workshops on site.

The aims of this programme are:
  1. To generate a greater awareness of our shared history and encourage children to explore and investigate the rich cultural heritage of Ireland.
  2. To encourage outdoor learning.

How it Works?

  1. Contact the education team at fill in application on
  2. Confirm date for Craggaunowen expert to visit your class (Jan – Mar) and return visit to Craggaunowen (Apr/May)
  3. Arrange 50% fee payment in advance of school visit
Balance to be paid on arrival at Craggaunowen
€20 per student (based on a class of 20)

Craggaunowen In Schools