National Heritage Week 2021

03 Aug 2021
National Heritage Week 2021

We are delighted to announce a series of fascinating demonstrations at Craggaunowen in celebration of National Heritage Week 2021.

Demonstration & Talk on the Art of Wool Spinning in Craggaunowen
18th, 19th & 20th August, 12pm.

Join our animator Geraldine as she discusses and performs the ancient Irish craft of wool spinning on a traditional spindle.

Wool Spinning is the processing of the fleece of a sheep. This craft has been practiced in Ireland since sheep were first introduced by Neolithic farmers over 6000 years ago. Originally, women spun the wool using nothing more elaborate than a spindle with a weight attached. Later, spinning wheels became more widespread and these simple devices enabled the spinner to twist the fibres into a single continuous thread more efficiently.

Tales of Irish Mythology
21st & 22nd August at 12 pm

Join our costumed character, Stefan, as he delves into Irish Mythology and enthrals you with tales of Ireland that have been preserved in the oral tradition and later transcribed in the manuscripts of early Celtic Christianity. The Ancient Gaels were a Celtic people and their mythology developed from the diverse beliefs and stories told by the Celts. Since the Irish recorded many of their old stories, Irish mythology is the form of Celtic mythology that is best known to us.

The Origins of Wool Dying
21st & 22nd August, 3pm

Join Annika as she showcases and discusses the origins and the art of the ancient practice of wool dying.

The dying of wool using plants would have been commonplace in ancient times. Plants growing in the local environment would be used to create colour for the wool. For example, weld found growing in the ringfort at Craggaunowen is used to create a yellow dye for wool while nettles growing along the woodland trails are used to create a green dye.



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