The Viking Age at Craggaunowen

The Vikings are Back

On Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th August, the team at Craggaunowen are delighted to welcome back our  Viking cousins for a weekend of Viking culture, crafts, customs and creativity as we celebrate The Age of the Vikings

Viking Combat Displays

at Craggaunowen Ringfort

Combat Displays will place during the day with warring warriors unleashing their fierce battle skills for visitors to witness. Fighting is expected to be hot and heavy but unlike historic battles of yesteryear there will be no blood spilt.

Battles will take place at 12.00pm and 3.30pm daily at the Craggaunowen Ringfort.


Arts, Crafts & Trades

Over the course of the weekend, the Craggaunowen Castle Green will be transformed into a Viking Village providing visitors will have the opportunity to see and experience what life was like during the Viking Age. Witness this Viking clan at work making Jewellery such as rings ,bracelets and necklaces in a tradition manner. Marvel at the ancient crafts of wicker basket making and leather-working and meet our Viking Traders as they display an array of items at would have been traded into Ireland in the medieval period.


Viking Village

Experience the Armoury

Try on some chain mail for size

The Vikings were known worldwide for their amazing array of armoury and protection. While onsite why not try on a suit of chain-mail for size or feel the weight of a Viking Helmet or Sheild. Learn about the purpose and creation of this sturdy and protective gear and of the varying colours and symbols of the many Viking clans.


Fun for all ages

There will also be plenty of kid friendly, Viking themed games to keep little ones entertained and enthralled over the course of the weekend. From Knubb, a very old Viking game known as "throwing logs" to Hnefatafl, a Viking game akin to modern day chess to archery, there certainly is an array of activities to keep all ages entertained.


Medieval Games & Archery