Viking Invasion of Craggaunowen

June Bank Holiday Weekend
Viking Invasion of Craggaunowen

You better prepare yourself and hide your valuables because the Vikings are going to be rampaging through the lands of Craggaunowen!

On Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th June from 10am -5pm you’ll feel as if you are travelling back through time to an era when Vikings warriors roamed Ireland.


Battles and Bravery


Several battles will place during the day with warring warriors unleashing their fierce battle skills for visitors to witness. Fighting is expected to be hot and heavy but unlike historic battles of yesteryear there will be no blood spilt.

Battles will take place at 12.30pm and 3pm daily on the Castle Green.

Demonstrations and Crafts 


In addition to these fiece battles, over the course of the weekend these pagan warriors will be demonstrating exactly how they lived during the Viking age. Visitors can start their experience by taking a trip to the Viking Village. These historically accurate tents act as workshops for crafters. 

Of course, they also had a calmer side. Witness the Vikings demonstrating their many other skills which include net making, bone carving, leather tanning, candle making, silversmith and more.

It may surprise you to learn that they were also enthusiastic about cooking. Visitors will get to see cooking demonstrations using only authentic ingredients that the Vikings would have had access to.

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There will also be plenty of kid friendly, Viking themed games to keep little ones entertained and enthralled over the course of the weekend.

Tickets are available online at and normal admission rates apply.