Craggaunowen in Schools

02 Jun 2023
Craggaunowen in Schools

Craggaunowen in Schools is a new programme designed to compliment your SESE curriculum and bring an immersive learning experience directly into your classroom

Our Craggaunowen experts will visit your class for a half day of workshops on life in ancient Ireland. These fun and interactive visits will introduce your class to Irish history through the skills and crafts displayed in Craggaunowen. Learn Ogham, experience a Celtic Court, learn how to spin and weave all while hearing stories of ancient Ireland. Following this on a separate date your class will visit Craggaunowen for another half day of workshops on site.

The aims of this programme:
  1. Generate a greater awareness of our shared history and encourage children to explore and investigate the rich cultural heritage of Ireland.
  2. The encourage outdoor learning.
How It Works
  1. Contact the education team at fill in application on
  2. Confirm date for Craggaunowen expert to visit your class (Jan – Mar) and return visit to Craggaunowen (Apr/May)
  3. Arrange 50% fee payment in advance of school visit
  4. Balance to be paid on arrival at Craggaunowen visit.
What are the SESE Curriculum links?


  1. Working as a historian
  2. Local Studies
  3. Games and pastimes in the past
  4. Feasts and festivals in the past
  5. Stories from the lives of people in the past
  6. Myths and Legends


  1. A sense of place
  2. Geographic investigation skills
  3. People and communities
  4. Homes and other buildings
  5. People at work
  6. Environmental awareness
  7. Caring for the environment


  1. Questioning
  2. Observing
  3. Sorting and classifying
  4. Exploring
  5. Making
  6. Human Life
  7. Plant and Animal Life
  8. Environmental Awareness
  9. Caring for the environment

Other potential curriculum links

Visual Arts
  1. An awareness of texture
  2. An awareness of pattern and rhythm
  3. Making drawings
  4. Looking and responding
  5. Clay – Looking and responding
  6. Fabric and Fibre creating and responding
€20 per child - based on a class of 20
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